2. I tried some different brushes while sketching Taemin :D

  3. Yaay my Night sketch is finished~! I really wish I could draw like this on paper too.. xD

  4. Night sketch, time to sleep!

  5. Oh deer~

  6. Super sketchy Minho. I love the original picture so much that I have to draw it! ^^ Not finished~

  7. The sketch is getting more detailed everytime I draw on it~ :D

  8. Sketching to kill some time and practicing drawing from the middle out~

  9. Sketchy sketchy sketchy!! Still a lot to add and change left~

  10. Ughh.. I’m still feeling to sick to finish this today. At least could I sketch something up (it’s been forever!!). ^^

  11. Sulli from f(x)!!! :D My first female portrait sketch of someone who isn’t me! xD

    Click on the image to see the finished version

  12. Sketching while I can! :3

  13. I wonder if this must be one of my best realism sketches i’ve ever done by now :D

    I can even see who it is! Weeooohh!! Need to sleep now >.>

  14. I’m doinga a revenge pic of Taemin. :D (I’ll never get tired of drawing him!!! >w<)

    The very first one I drew a long time ago wasn’t good at all so I’m going to draw it again (some months later xD)

    I hope the colouring will be good too! :)

    Finished! —> http://mi-e-ru.deviantart.com/#/d50b5jd